It’s becoming quite apparent what strategy the GOP is taking after having announced Sarah Palin’s candidacy. Similar that if you happen to ask John McCain about how many houses he owns, why he doesn’t support universal healthcare, what he thinks about supporting a museum for Woodstock, or why he listens to the music he listens to, he will respond seriously, that it’s because he was shot down over Vietnam and held as a prisoner of war. Obviously. Why would you even ask such a thing?

If you say that we should focus on stem cell research, you’re obviously attacking her and her handicapped child.

If you point out that McCain’s policies are no different than George Bush’s, you are obviously making a veiled sexist remark, aimed at the defenseless female running mate.

Let’s not ignore the fact that McCain used the same “you can put lipstick on a pig remark” in regards to Senator Hilary Clinton this year, without the same complaints.

From CNN:

In Iowa last October, McCain drew comparisons between Hillary Clinton’s current health care plan and the one she championed in 1993: “I think they put some lipstick on the pig, but it’s still a pig.” He used roughly the same line in May, after effectively claiming the Republican nomination.

If you are unaware of Sarah Palin and are trying to make sense of her in the short week we’ve had since she was announced, and since she hasn’t done any interviews with the press at this point, you may have hastily researched her via the web and come across some information that though not definitive proof, leaves a lot to be answered…well you’re just spouting lies about this secretive candidate.

Ok, and for the record, asking about banning books, telling the head of the library that she’s fired, then dropping the subject when pressured, does little to convince me that she didn’t have the lunatic intent to ban books, just that she didn’t get away with it.

So now we get to the real meat and potatoes of the GOP. Painting Barack Obama as wanting to “Destroy” Palin, the innocent, god-fearing, tongue-speaking, hockey-mom of a disabled child. Painting a black man as an aggressive, destructive force, wow, I wonder who they’re trying to target with that ad.

Fuck the GOP, and fuck those who happily eat their bullshit.

I leave you with this…say it loud good sir!

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