(Shouting Grounds) – Rage against the machines?

Andrew T. Ward, not to be confused with Andrew T. Ward, once again utters, for any and all to hear, his total disdain for an unknown agent. Direct inquiries into the source of the distrubance were met with a bemused humming.

Updates will be posted as the story developes.

I was quite excited to see the new DLC for New Vegas available for purchase, though I immediately regretted starting down the Lonesome Road, not for the reasons you’d think.

I have no idea what is going on with the Fallout series and the continuous technical bugs/glitches that plague the inhabitants of the wastes, but it is getting ridiculous.


The amount of time I’ve waited between open/closing containers and entering/exiting VATS between the last two DLC released surely outweighs the time I spent commuting to work for the entirety of a month. How can you fail on the process of looting containers? That’s the sacred cow of the Oblivion/Fallout series. I’m actually avoiding opening containers and joy they contain because I know that it will mean sitting and waiting for 1-5 minutes to return to actual gameplay. I should write it as “gameplay” because all I’ve been doing since I entered the Lonesome Road is waiting for the game to catch up. I even tried installing an SSD into my PS3 to hopefully avoid the sort of lockups and freezing problems I had with Oldworld Blues. It maks no difference. The Fallout wiki states that the PS3 may exhibit lockups when too many games saves are “in memory”. I deleted tons of game saves and even proactively deleted the game data force a reinstall and it makes NO DIFFERENCE. Such a waste of potential. I really LOVE this game but it’s become so laborious that I don’t even care about the storyline anymore. I just want to PLAY the goddamned game. I’d say I have to reboot the console every 15 minutes in order get the game into a state that’s tolerable. That is unacceptable. Maybe a software update will resolve these issues, maybe it’s a problem with the ever-increasing size of the gamesave file and not being able to fit into the PS3′s limited RAM, thus forcing swap-o-rama. I don’t know, but something has to give. I’m starting to lose faith in the Bethesda know-how. If Skyrim is anything like this, count me out.

Totally and completely fucking dead


ShanConfuseSo while digging through my laptop I came across this “memo” I wrote on Oct. 1st of 2007. I don’t actually remember writing it and I’m using the word “drunken” in the title because given most of it’s content I assume (or perhaps hope) that I was drunk when I wrote it. I briefly thought about going through and changing certain areas but after reading it over several times I decided I just wanted to peel the lid back and expose to the fresh air. Call it “therapy” if you will.

I should say certain parts I still agree while others I simply do not. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is which. The only things I’ve edited are grammar and spelling errors (of which there are still bound to be plenty).









The deal is this people. No one is thinking enough! The reason we aren’t is because we can’t afford to. We can’t afford it mentally. There too much shit happening in our daily lives to worry about half the bullshit that gets presented to us on a daily basis by the mainstream.

So what’s the mainstream? You already know the answer to that question so why ask it? Simple: you need more fucking distractions in your life. It helps you stay focused on the mundane.

Reality check. In case you haven’t caught on (you stragglers) I’m saying people need to be duped to survive. It’s always been the case and always will be. Okay so let me clarify. See, people need a “cause”. The need something to get behind and champion. Makes us all feel like we have a stake in the grand scheme. Without it what do you have? Jack shit! Even these people who walk around calling themselves Nilhist and claiming they believe in nothing is bullshit. HA! WAKE UP! You believe in believing in nothing! Ha. Retarded muthafucka’s! Whatever. It’s all the same.

Dreams are all the same. Want to know the secret to yours? Pay attention! There is no fucking secret! It’s all right there! Again you busy yourself with the mundane because it feeds you. You’re very hungry.

Don’t sweat it. It’s not your fault. I include myself in this too. We’re fucking built like this from day one. You know that shit you hear from people when they say it’s “human nature”, well this is that shit. You’re apart of it, but you already know that.
So what’s my deal? I’m just as fucked up and confused as all of us. I guess I want to talk about it which is why I’m writing this. It’s my own brand of therapy because who the fuck wants to pay a shrink.

And what the fuck is intimacy anyway? And fuck thought cohesion. If you subscribe to that bullshit get the fuck off this page. It’s not for you. Shit here isn’t pretty and collected. It’s a fuckin mess! But I know you like it because you’re a mess. I know you are because you’re a human being. You got no fucking choice in the matter.

So the thought came to me what the fuck would I say if I could say anything? Fuck if I know and I know most people don’t. Why the fuck is that? We walk around all day like we’re enlightened and if only someone would give us the floor and an attentive audience we would school muthafucka’s around the globe. But in the end we find we don’t know what the fuck to say! You know why that is? It’s because we punk the fuck out and say what we think people want to hear. We want to…no fuck that, we NEED to please others. So we busy ourselves with trying to figure what we think someone wants to hear, but who knows what the fuck that is, so in the end we say fucking nothing. IT’S BRILLIANT!!

So okay about addiction! I fuckin love it! I swear to god I just want to start fucking whores. I mean I know the shit will cost money but what the fuck? Is intimacy really even needed? Can’t I just fuck and suck and be done with it? Do I need to be intimate?

Women so far have disappointed me. I’ll just say that shit and get it out there. Too fuckin picky and too fuckin naggy. I don’t want to have to baby sit your ass. If you want something fuckin say it! Fuck this whiney bullshit! I ain’t the fuckin one! And why the fuck do we (the men) have to initiate everything? I mean what the fuck? You ever stop to fucking think that the same ways you like feeling about shit I do to? Maybe I’d like it if you picked a fucking place to eat. And FUCK this theory that women need to be told what to do. Assholes invented that shit.

Shit, I lost my train of thought.

But I know I’m fuckin angry and have been for a long time? What the fuck has me upset. I don’t know. I’m looking for a fucking release and the shit is coming out fast and furious. Fuck it. I gotta take a piss then I’m gonna jerk off. The shit feels good and I fuckin like doing it!


From Yahoo (of course): “MTV is embracing change. In nearly three decades on the air, almost everything about the cable network — from its programming, to its focus, to its place in popular culture — has changed with the times, except for its famous tagline, “Music television.” Recently, the network quietly unveiled a new logo which has dropped the tagline entirely, indicating that MTV itself is leaving its original mission of an all-music channel in the dust.”



“The new logo is meant to put the focus on MTV’s current slate of talent.”

From Socrates Points (of course): OK, the graphic has GOT to be a joke.  There’s bad photoshop (on celebs, wafer-thinners and other trash), but then there’s REALLY bad photoshop…and this logo is definitely REALLY bad photoshop.  So you’re telling me that after 30 years, MTV just crops the fuckin’ original logo?  That’s it?  Just fuckin’ crop it?  Oh wait, if I really wanted to be technical…make that “crop it and invert it.”  Done.

That’s not edgey.  That’s not new and original. That’s just fuckin’ REALLY bad photoCHOP!  A baby can do that crap.

And because of that, I’m pissed off!  You know some fuckin’ lazy gen-x asshole out there (working for MTV) came out on top with this one.

Socrates Points is back, and he’s pissed off.  Thanks.

Borderlands title

Ok, I’ve looked at Borderlands and it’s probably not the pickup and play variety. It seems like WoW without the crowd; pure shoot and loot. You run around doing missions and tend to accumulate lots of guns with different specs. shoot, loot, sell, repeat. There’s experience points and tons of upgrades.

The art style reminds me of Crackdown, so does the drop action. You off someone then hit point numbers, XP, ammo, guns, and money shoot out of his ass. The gun’s are fucking cool and each attribute definitely makes a difference when using them, plus there are fun little perks like “chance to set on fire” and I hear that there are sweet amalgamations of weapons like a missile-launcher shotgun.

One thing I noticed was that the FOV is really tight, like claustrophobic style. I don’t feel like I’m fully out of sniper scope view for some reason. That make firefights a little tense, since she can get right up on you without a good peripheral hint that they’re getting close. The compass shows bad guys as red dots, large red dots if they’re aggro, but I found myself whipping around to make sure I wasn’t being jumped by a midget psycho. (Yes, midget psycho’s are bad guys that crop up every now and again, squealing and giggling like a clown, extremely funny the first time when you don’t expect it)

Also of annoyance but technically more “realistic” is when you utilizing the automated ammo, gun, medial vending machines, up to your nuts in stats comparisons and equipment, you can still be attacked. I was shopping for SMG upgrades, and hear this giggling and howling, then I started taking damage. I closed out the shop screen, spun around and blew the head off of whatever was bothering me, but it just shows that this game’s a little different than your average FPS or RPG. When you go into your inventory screen it also doesn’t pause the game. So switching weapons apart from your two currently equipped ones during a firefight may cost you some health. You can pause the game by hitting escape at least.

Oh and respawn. Like an MMO the enemies you brutally murdered respawn in just a few short minutes. I butchered an entire Skag nest, went over the hill to loot some shit, then shot a few more things, and when I went to leave the original nest of Skags was repopulated. It’s good in one sense because it gives you a nice/fast way of grinding for gear, money, and XP but for an FPS I wasn’t expecting the Doom3 Monster hole effect. As far as your death, when you die you respawn back to the last respawn point you physically walked past for a small fee. If you run out of fund I’m assuming your totally fucking dead.

In true RPG style as you level up there’s skill tree’s for different things. Just how Team Fortress characters have different abilities, depending on which core class you pick when you create your character (Hunter, Siren, Soldier, or Brick) you have a different set of abilities that you can train as you play the game. The solider is all I played so far and he has this auto turret called the scorpion that he can drop that has a shield you can duck behind. Add points to the scorpion to add more firepower, longer duration/damage, healing of teammates near the turret, added damage for player near the turret, that kind of stuff. Skill points are can go to your core skills, like weapon specialization and passive stats.

Along with Skills, leveling up increases your core stats, and allows you to use weapons with higher level requirements. For loot whores out there this gave follows Diablo-style loot rarity colors. From the Wiki:

Borderlands uses a classification system for gear that follows the standard color-coding system for RPGs. A common (white) gun would be average, an uncommon (green) would be slightly above average, a rare (blue) would be a premium gun, an epic (purple) would be a very strong gun, and legendary (orange) guns are the best of the best.There 3 type of orange,Light Orange, Orange and Dark Orange. Dark Orange being the rarest. The rarity of each gun is indicated by color as stated on the page of each gun. (See Category:Weapons)

White < Green < Blue < Purple < Light Orange < Orange < Dark Orange

For those who like to cut to the chase on loot value, the game gives you the trade-in value of the item at the bottom of the stat sheet and the specs are color coded (like in mass effect) to let you know what stat is higher (green) or lower (red) than your currently equipped weapon.

Like in Wow and other RPG’s if you trying to fight a character with a skull next to their name and health bar, you are in for some hurt. It’s best to grind up or do other quests until you’re about the same level. There is definitely the same WoW damage/difficulty ramp when fighting slightly higher level characters that are skulled. You may blast through their shield, but they won’t take anywhere near the physical damage you think that they would with the amount of lead your feeding them. All the while your shield and life is being pulled out of you like a nightmarish happy-ending.

It has 4 player coop, in sort of the same vein as diablo battle.net matches, since it’s an RPG. Monsters get stronger with more players entering the world, weapon trades are possible, and joint XP. it’s great for me because I like soloing games anyways, but there is the opportunity to team up if you’re the social butterfly of headwounds.

Anyway, I’m interested in seeing where this game goes as it’s pretty fun, but I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, due to the RPG structure of this FPS. I loved Mass Effect, and this covers the combat (minus the non-realtime strategy portion), the weapon lust, and the character building, and it has a WoW open world (level gated) and grinding/loot model. An interesting mix, indeed.

On a scale to 1 – 100, I’d say, so far, it’s about an 85.

chk chk chk

Drummed for the likes of !!! (chk chk chk) and LCD Soundsystem, and is now no more.

With a heavy heart, I submit the following:

Fuck you Luigi” — Captain Lou 1989

Zune me too

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